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The Value of Examined Leaders

Back in 1992, I was preparing for ordination. A family friend (who knew little about church) asked a genuine question, “Why do you have to go through all this?” And by “all this” he was referring to 5 distinct exams, written and oral, the papers I had to turn in; and the final process of being examined first by a committee (for a total of about 4 hours) and then s...

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You're Part of an Epic Story

From Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to Harry Potter, to The Hunger Games, there is a common theme that even the lowliest, most average person (even a teenager) can actually be part of a much larger story. What if the humblest person is actually in an epic battle of good and evil with the fate of the world in the balance?...

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Following Jesus - At All Levels

You’ve likely seen a set of Russian nesting dolls, where a set of little wooden dolls all stack into the next size up until the entire set fits into the largest one. (They even have a cameo appearance in Toy Story…)....

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