We can't live in it while we fix it ...

Announcement Email Image - Town Hall MeetingIn 2001, Julie and I bought our house. A home we could afford that was big enough for our 4 kids also meant that it needed to be fixed up. Our house had been built just after WWII and the list of improvements was extensive (I scraped 5 layers of linoleum off the kitchen floor – 5!), so we rented another home for 3 months. All of this was because one thing was clear: we could not live in it while we tried to fix all the things that needed fixing.
At Trinity, I want to invite you to be at worship on May 5 to hear all about our plans to finally renovate our sanctuary. At that meeting, you will be able to hear and see the details of what needs to be updated or repaired. And you will hear of where we will be worship during the few weeks that we cannot live in it while we try to fix all the things that need fixing.
Our basic plan will be to start these renovations in early June. The generosity of so many during our Capital Campaign has made all this possible, so we have the money – which is a great blessing! But when people start experiencing change, that will be another thing and we want you to be ready.
Since school will have ended by then, we have a gracious agreement with McKeel Elementary across the street so that we can have worship services in their gym. This allows us to still have all aspects of children’s ministry in our own building. (I’m also waiting to hear of wagers on if the walk is any longer to our fellowship hall from the McKeel gym or if it’s actually closer. Who’s got a step counter that will verify it?)
There is also another option. If you would prefer, we have 6 daughter churches and 2 grand-daughter churches where you could visit during the couple of weeks we’re renovating. I am certain that they would love to have you come and see what they’re doing. And 3 of those worship in a school every week.
We believe this will be necessary for only a few weeks – hopefully only 3 but maybe longer. But undeniably it’s a blessing to be able to finally address some long-needed repairs and improvements. We are excited about the outcome. Please be patient with us in the process, and please be there May 5 to hear and see all about it.

Things to pray for:

  • Gratitude. Rejoice with us at how abundantly God has provided for us to be able to repair and improve our building at all. Give thanks to the LORD for how He has blessed us immeasurably.
  • Patience. Read Galatians 5:22-23 and ask the Holy Spirit to bear in us the fruit of patience. These truly are first world problems – we are blessed! But I don’t want to diminish the experience of disruption and change we will surely have for a few weeks.
  • Vision. Ask the Father to give us a renewed sense of vision. Ask Him to help us see how improvements in our facility ultimately help us serve Him and love people better.
  • Patience (again) and love. Pray that the Lord would help us be a blessing to contractors, McKeel school administrators and all manner of construction personnel while renovations put us together.