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A city transformed: Loved by God the Father, saved by Jesus His Son, empowered by His Spirit, called by God to reach our city with His love.

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School resumes soon! For some of you, it’s next week, and for those with the longest wait, it’s still only about 10 days. While our culture has set the expectation that school is this “place” where learning happens, I’d like to offer that school is only one of the places where we can learn....Read More

Have you ever wondered why we make such a big deal about community?...Read More

Some of you already know, but in case you don’t, our Student Ministry camp – Citizens Mission Camp – ended early due to illness. Citizens Mission Camp pulled together over 80 students from Trinity and our daughter churches. Part of their work was to serve 2 of our daughter churches by providing Vacation Bible School in Mulberry and ...Read More