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TPC Women’s Ministry Mission and Vision

Adopted August 2018

Mission and Vision

A city transformed: Loved by God the Father, saved by Jesus His Son, empowered by His Spirit, called by God to reach our city with his love.

Path for Discipleship

Jesus ultimately calls people to Himself to be transformed. As women’s ministry, we want everything we do to be part of a clear path of following and loving Jesus and intentionally helping others do the same.

Our path for discipleship includes the study of God’s word, prayer, small groups, and outreach.


The Gospel – a commitment to the Story of Jesus as defining and ultimate.

Relationship – a commitment to love each other as Jesus has loved us.

Openness – a commitment to pervasive transparency and candor in all we do.

Work – a commitment to put our whole selves rigorously into this effort.

Outward Faced – a commitment to regularly invite, pursue and welcome those who do not yet know Jesus.