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Equipping women from God’s Word to know Him, to know who we are in Christ, and to love and serve others.

Mission Statement:

Our mission as the Women’s Ministry of Trinity Presbyterian Church is to faithfully display and declare the glory of God in Jesus Christ.

To us our mission means we must become women who love and trust God far more than we love or trust anyone or anything else, and therefore women who:

Equip each other with God’s Word so that we will be transformed to:

- Worship Him

- Understand and live in obedience to our design and purpose as women

- Love and serve others to build up His Church.

Our Women’s Ministry is led by JoAnn Johnson.

Core Values:

By His love and power in Christ, God is able to work in all women. Therefore we believe:

- The Bible is God’s Word, and it is our standard, our source of truth and utterly trustworthy. It equips women to believe God, and to love, serve and guard against evil.

- God offers belonging to any woman regardless of age, economic position, family make-up, marital status or race.

- Our worth is found in Christ alone, rather than the approval of others, education, employment, parenting, physical appearance or sexuality.

- Jesus sets the oppressed free, because of who He is and what he has done. He releases us from addictive behavior, individualism, moralism, scars from abuse, or shame from past addictions.

- Jesus submitted to His Father and was not inferior. He can enable us to joyfully submit to God, spiritual leaders, and if married, our husbands.