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Renew Polk

Renew Polk was birthed out of the church planting efforts of Trinity Presbyterian Church and her daughter churches. Over the course of the last 12 years, Trinity planted Christ Community, Redeemer Lakeland, Redeemer City and Strong Tower. As our family of churches has grown, we have begun to see daughter churches plant new churches with the launch of Redeemer Southwest in 2016 and a number of new churches in the core group phase. While we have seen much fruit in the last 12 years, we thought it was necessary to mobilize our efforts in a more structured way. This is why Renew Polk was formed - to create the infrastructure (funding and resourcing) necessary for aggressive church planting in Polk County for the next 20 years (and beyond). With the formation of Renew Polk, our stated goal is to see 20 new churches planted over the next 20 years. 




Trinity Presbyterian Church  |  Downtown Lakeland  |  trinitylakeland.org
Christ Community Church  | South Lakeland | ccpclakeland.org
Redeemer Church Lakeland  |  South Lakeland  |  redeemerlakeland.org
Redeemer City Church  |  Winter Haven  |  city.redeemerwinterhaven.org
Strong Tower Church  |  Parkerstreet  |  strongtower.org
Redeemer Southwest Church  |  Southwest WH/Eagle Lake  |  redeemersouthwest.org

Church Plants | Core Groups

Good Shepherd Church  |  SE Lakeland/Highland City  |  gsclakeland.org
Greater Hope Church  |  Mulberry  |  greaterhopemulberry.org
Grace Community Church  |  North Lakeland  |  gcclakeland.com
The King's Church  |  Dixieland  |  kingschurchlkld.com


Jon Eagin  |  SE Winter Haven