Women's Resource Library

The Women's Resource Library is located in the hallway just before the Fellowship Hall. Please sign-out any books you are borrowing and return them within one month. Check with Trinity staff for more details. 

You may also purchase a copy by clicking the book title links.


Adopted for Life | Russell D Moore
Addictions - A Banquet in the Grave | Ed Welch
Afternoon of Life | Elyse Fitzpatrick
Age of Opportunity | Paul Tripp
Ascent of a Leader | Bill Thrall


Beautiful Womanhood | Rayla
Because He Loves Me | Elyse Fitzpatrick
Becoming a 2 Titus Woman | Martha Peace
Blame It On the Brain? | Ed Welch
Born Again | Charles Colson
Boundaries | Cloud/Townsend
Building Your Marriage | Dennis Rainey
Business By the Book | Larry Burkett


Comforts From Romans | Elyse Fitzpatrick
Come Back Barbara | Miller/Juliana
Connecting Church | Frazee
Counterfeit Gods | Tim Keller
Counsel From the Word | David Powlison
Crazy Busy | Kevin DeYoung
Crazy Love | Francis Chan


Decision Making and the Will of God | Gary Friesen
Delighting in the Law of the Lord | Jeram Barrs
Depression: A Stubborn Darkness | Ed Welch
Depression: Looking Up From a Stubborn Darkness | Ed Welch
Designed for Dignity | Richard Pratt
Discipline of Grace | Jerry Bridges
Divorce Recovery Book | Bob Burns/Tom Whiteman
Distracted | Maggie Jackson
Does Christianity Squash Women? | Rebecca Jones
Don't Waste Your Life | John Piper


Enemy Within | Kris Lundgaard
Envy of Eve | Melissa Kruger
Essential Truths of the Christian Faith | R.C. Sproul
Eve's REvenge | Lillian Barker


Facing Your Giants | Max Lucado
Fear, Worry & Anxiety | Elyse Fitzpatrick
Fine China is for the Single Woman Too | Lydia Brownback
For Women Only | Feldhahn
Forever | Paul Tripp
From Fear To Freedom | Rose Marie Miller
Found In Him | Elyse Fitzpatrick


Getting the Message | Daniel Doriani
Give Them Grace | Elyse Fitzpatrick
God Empowered Wife | Karen Haught
God I Love | Joni Erickson Tada
God's Power to Change Your Life | Rick Warren
God's Words for Simple Abundance | Barbour
God's Way of Peace | Horatious Bonar
Good & Perfect Gift | Amy Julia Becker
Good and Angry | David Powlison
Gospel Powered Humility | William Farley
Gospel Powered Parenting | William Farley
Great Physicians TX | Rubin
Grief Undone | Elizabeth Groves
Growing Together | John Trent
Growing Through Divorce | Jim Smoke


Handbook for Christian Apologetics | Peter Kreeft
Heart of Evangelism | Jeram Barrs
Heart of the Matter | CCEF
Holy Ambition | John Piper
Hoping for Something Better | Nancy Guthrie
How People Change | Lane/Tripp
How to Say No to a Stubborn Problem | Erwin Lutzer


Idols of the Heart | Elyse Fitzpatrick
In Our Lives First | Diane Langberg
Instructing a Child's Heart | Paul Tripp
Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands | Paul Tripp
Intentional Parenting | Tad Thompson


Jesus | Chuck Swindoll
Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross | Nancy Guthrie
Jesus I Never Knew | Phillip Yancey
Journal of Biblical COunseling - On Anger | Various CCEF Authors
Journal of Biblical COunseling - On Parenting | Various CCEF Authors
Journal of Biblical COunseling - On Psychology | Various CCEF Authors
Journal of Biblical COunseling - On Relationships | Various CCEF Authors
Journal of Biblical COunseling - On Redeeming Psychology | Various CCEF Authors
Journal of Biblical COunseling - On Suffering | Various CCEF Authors
Joy At Work | Dennis Baake
Just Like Jesus | Max Lucado


Knowing God | R.C. Sproul
Knowing Scripture | R.C. Sproul


Laura Bush | Ronald Kessler
Leadership for Women in the Church | Susan Hunt
Legacy of Biblical Womanhood | Susan Hunt
Liberation of a Resentful Wife | Carol Arnold
Life God Reareds | Bruce WIlkinson
Live, Laugh, Love Again | Borquez, Wetzell, Spinks-Seay
Living Life Backward | David Gibson
Love Life | Ed Wheat
Love to Eat
Loving Your Husband | Cynthia Heald


Margin | Swenson
Marriage Matters | Winston Smith
Meaning of Marriage | Tim Keller
Mere Christianity | C.S. Lewis
Ministries of Mercy | Tim Keller


Next Door Savior | Max Lucado
Nutrition Guide for Menopause | Leslie Beck


Overcoming Fear, Worry and Anxiety | Elyse Fitzpatrick


Peacemaker | Ken Sande
Peacemaking Woman | Barthel/Dabler
Picking Up the Pieces | Lou Priolo
Prayers of the Bible | Susan Hunt
Problem of Pain | C.S. Lewis
Prodigal God | Tim Keller
Prone to Wander | Ian and Barbara Duguid
Purity is Possible | Helen Thorne
Pursuit of God | Tozer
Pursuing Peace | Robert Jones


Relationships, a Mess Worth Making | Lane/Tripp
Rich Single Life | Andrew Farmer
Rocking the Roles | Dr. Robert Lewis
Running Scared | Ed Welch


Sacred Romance | Curtis & Eldridge
Same Kind of Different as Me | Ron Hall
Secret of Contentment | William Barclay
Select Sermons of George Whitfield | J.C. Ryle
Seeing With New Eyes | David Powlison
Sexual Sanity for Women | Ellen Dykas
Shepherding a Child's Heart | Paul Tripp
Show Them Jesus | Jack Klumpenhower
Side By Side | Ed Welch
Speaking the Truth in Love | David Powlison
Spiritual Mothering | Susan Hunt
Spurgeon's Sorrows | Zach Eswine
Steadfast Heart | Elyse Fitzpatrick
Stories for the Extreme Teen's Heart | Tripp
Strengthening your Marriage | Wayne Mack
Strong Women/Soft Hearts | Puala Rinehardt


Teach Them to Pray | Paul Tautges
Things that Cannot Be Shaken | Oliphint & Mays
Transforming Vision | William Edgar
Traveling Light | Max Lucado
Treasures in the Darkness | Sharon Betters
Treasures of Encouragement | Sharon Betters
Treasures of Faith | Sharon Betters
The Treasure Principle | Randy Alcorn
True Woman | Susan Hunt
Two Fears | Chris Poblete


Uprooting Anger | Robert Jones


Walk | Smallman
War of Words | Tripp
Weigh Down | Gwen Shamblins
Westminster Confession of Faith
What Did you Expect? | Paul Tripp
What Do you think of Me? | Ed Welch
When Life and Beliefs Collide | Carolyn James
When I am Afraid | Ed Welch
When People are Big and God is Small | Ed Welch
When Trouble Comes | Phillip Ryken
When Sinners Say I Do | Dave Harvey
When Your Husband Is Addicted to Porn | Vicki Tiede
Whiter Than Snow | Paul Tripp
Why Believe In Jesus? | Tim LaHaye
Why We Pray | William Phillip
Will Medicine Stop the Pain? | Elyse Fitzpatrick
Women Helping Women | Vernice/Fitzpatrick


Your Finances In Changing Times | Larry Burkett