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Assisting parents to train up their children in the glory of God. 

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Our Mission:

Assisting parents to train up their children to see, display and declare the glory of God as their hearts are transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Every Children’s Ministry volunteer has been through an application process and a background check. It is a privilege for volunteers to assist parents by sharing their time and love for Christ with their children. 


Nursery-09Children's Ministry Nursery Brochure

Nurseries open at 8:45a for the 9a service and 10:30a for the 10:45a Worship Service.

  • Infants, one to twelve months, are cared for in the Infant nursery.
  • Toddlers, thirteen to twenty-three months, are cared for in the Toddler nursery.

(When a child reaches two years old, he/she moves into the preschool program.)

Preschool and Kindergarten:

It’s never too early to show Jesus to our children! The Great Commission Publication’s curriculum for two and three year olds introduces the basic concept of what Christ has done for his people in a way that they can grasp and understand.

4-year-olds through Kindergarten
Help them discover that Jesus is the only answer. The Great Commission Publication’s curriculum explores the Bible from creation to the early church—with lots of activities that reinforce the lessons.

Your children will learn that God calls his people to himself and wants them to trust and follow him.

Community Kids

Community Kids-50Using The Gospel Story Curriculum, by Marty Machowski, our 1st-5th graders gain an understanding that the Bible is one story with Jesus as the hero. The Gospel Story Curriculum presents key stories from Genesis to Revelation, highlighting God’s plan of redemption in a way that’s engaging, interactive, and easy to understand.

Designed for first- to third-grade children, the lower elementary curriculum takes a detailed look at how each of these Bible stories connects to the gospel. Through age-appropriate object lessons, activities, and coloring sheets, teachers can help young elementary school children see Christ in the Old and New Testament.

The developing minds of fourth to fifth-grade children are challenged to search the Bible through engaging activities. Using the same story content as the lower elementary curriculum, the upper elementary curriculum utilizes different activities and object lessons suitable for nine- to twelve-year-old kids. Reviewing the now-familiar Bible stories, older children will gain a deeper understanding of redemption in Christ as they begin to study Scripture for themselves.

Children, ages 2 years through 5th Grade, worship with their families until the sermon begins, then move to their classrooms.

1st through 5th grade classes do not meet on Communion Sunday.