We need to talk about sex

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I am all too aware of how our culture’s public discourse has exploded. Over the last few years, we’ve weathered COVID-19, profound social and political tensions, and behind it all, there has been a steady shift in what sexuality even is — let alone what is now considered sexually appropriate.

So for this week’s upcoming sermon, I want to invite parents to prepare.

This Sunday, as we continue our series from Proverbs on character and integrity, I plan on preaching on sexual integrity.

If you have been at Trinity for any length of time, you likely have picked up on my tendency to be direct. I’m not sure whether it’s a strength or weakness on my part; it’s at least my preferred habit. I don’t have the skills to be more sophisticated, and I am convinced that vagueness doesn’t serve people well. And in this land of confusion season where sexuality now has merged with crazy, I know of no other way.

We need to think clearly. This is a topic that calls for profound sensitivity. And with the Spirit’s help, I plan on speaking directly.

So given that our worship service invites and provides for children as young as 5th grade to be present, I wanted to notify parents ahead of time. If you have not yet taught your children about sexuality, then this Sunday may hasten your need to do so. And if you have, I at least wanted you to have a heads-up before my sermon.

I’m not anticipating any need for graphic terminology or scenarios, but the overall chaos surrounding sexuality in our generation needs a biblical and Gospel-centered response. Consider this (short) list of what’s in play due to various common aspects of sexual brokenness: Abuse and molestation, pornography, body augmentation, promiscuity, STDs, unwanted pregnancies, abortion, gender issues, eating disorders, adultery, broken families due to any of the above, deviance and dehumanizing people, victimization – by sexual assaults or rape, and the monstrous increase of sexual predators and trafficking.

Will your child be prepared to hear these terms and understand them? If, by your preparation, they are, then know ahead of time that these concerns will be named. And if not, which I completely respect because of your children’s youth, then please know that one of our several daughter churches may be a better place to worship this Sunday.

Thank you for your consideration in these matters, and please be in prayer for our church family. In Matthew 10, Jesus did say, “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” To be wise and live with integrity, we need to talk about these things.