Resuming worship in person, Sunday, June 7 - with 2 Services, 9 & 10:45a

Our elders met last night to vote and approve our plans for resuming corporate worship in person on June 7. Our plan is to go back to 2 services, as we were doing back before all this. We will offer a service at 9:00a and another at 10:45a.
The Gospel teaches us that the Most Important Person in the universe took thought of us in our deepest need. So, trusting Jesus, we want to be thoughtful of others. While everything in our entire lives is in flux, it can be easy to forget that. I know that more than a few times, I’ve lapsed into tunnel vision just because my “normal” has been wrecked.
But we trust Jesus to change what we cannot change! That includes our state of mind.
As I mentioned last week, our corporate worship service will be profoundly different from the last time we met. We will want you to spread out and fill the room. There will be no contact by our greeters, no handing out of worship folders, no “pass-the-plate” offering, no greeting time during worship, and no child care of any kind for at least the first month or two. Wearing a mask is your option; they’re welcome but not mandatory.
We will continue to observe all reasonable safety protocols and cleaning regimens. I really believe that we can view actions of extra cleaning and social distance as part of seeking to be kind.
And nevertheless, these steps will not satisfy everyone, so please heed your conscience (and respect that of others). Our culture at Trinity is far more relational than institutional. We’ve never been a place of forceful direction (we know we have almost no policing power). Instead, we’re a church that invites. If you want to be with us, please be with us. If not, we’re for you as you explore other churches in our city.
We respect you as free people. We are making a simple offering – a live, in-person worship service, with the provisions that are within our power. And you are free to join us if you want or continue to worship from home via our live stream. As I mentioned last week, live streaming will be available going forward.
Personally, I can’t wait!! I have learned over the past weeks that in my own work of preaching, I depend upon the ability to connect with a set of eyes and convey God’s Word. It’s not just an exercise of delivering “product.”  It’s a labor of edifying people I know and appreciate, and without the ability to see you, it’s been harder. So if only for that, I am elated to be able soon to be with you again.

Things to pray for:

  • Joy. Ask God to fill you to overflowing with wonder at His grace and love. Praise Him, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that He has worked to save even people like us!
  • Wisdom. Ask the LORD to give us wisdom as a people, and that He would help us to think well and give thought to others to diligently care for them as He has cared for us.
  • Patience. Continue to ask the Holy Spirit to bear in you His fruit of love and patience. Pray for His help in the waiting for not just corporate worship, but school, work, travel, and relationships.
  • Respect for others. Continue to ask the Lord to help you to be respectful and understanding with others, especially those who do not share your inclinations or habits.