A few reminders for tomorrow - and going forward

I wanted to send a brief email with a few reminders for tomorrow and going forward.

First, I want to remind you that with worship tomorrow, we return to just one service at 10:15. We will continue to provide live streaming at that time. But for the present time, we are no longer offering two services.

Second, I want to humbly urge you that if you’re at all sick or just not feeling well, please stay home. Don’t think of this in terms of not being welcome. Think of it in terms of loving your neighbors well – and not putting their health at risk.

And last, our city leaders this week instituted an ordinance calling for the wearing of masks in businesses. So, in an effort to comply with their directive, wearing a mask is recommended as you enter or exit, but you can remove it once you’re seated in your spot.

Our aim is in all things to love people well because of how marvelously Jesus has loved us!

For those who are still planning on attending worship in person tomorrow, I look forward to seeing you soon. For those staying home, we are grateful we can still worship together via our live stream. And for everyone, I hope you have a great July 4th holiday.

Gratefully – Tim