You're Part of an Epic Story

Social Media - 1.19.18 - Epic StoryFrom Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to Harry Potter, to The Hunger Games, there is a common theme that even the lowliest, most average person (even a teenager) can actually be part of a much larger story. What if the humblest person is actually in an epic battle of good and evil with the fate of the world in the balance?

Being part of the Church of Jesus Christ, you’re actually in that fight – in real life – with eternity at stake.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that every believer is walking with Jesus in a series of layers that all fit together as a coordinated whole. At the smallest level you personally trust in Jesus and His work for your salvation. And at the largest level you walk with the Lord at a level that is even beyond a single congregation as part of a immeasurable movement.

As part of that larger battle, that larger movement, I wantth. Our entire network of daughter churches will meet for a joint worship service to celebrate together all that God has done and is doing.

Trinity started in January 1997, but since then God has done amazing things to raise up leaders and core groups to now be 9 congregations. But it’s hard to actually see and be with these other believers.  So from time to time we are working to meet together as movement, and our gathering on the 28th is designed to help you see this – to see how God has worked way beyond the scope of our congregation, and to see how God is moving, saving, and advancing His Kingdom. You’re in this fight! Come see your fellow soldiers, come hear from them and come encourage them. Sunday the 28th, 5:00 pm at Branscomb Auditorium.

Things to pray for:

–  Gratitude. Give thanks to the LORD for all that He has done in starting Trinity, Christ Community, Redeemer Lakeland, Redeemer Winter Haven, Strong Tower, Redeemer SW Winter Haven, Greater Hope, Good Shepherd, and Grace Community.

–  An encouraging spirit. Ask the Lord to grow in you a disposition to encourage other believers, no matter where they are or what ministry they’re a part of.

–  A heart to serve. Read Ephesians 4:11-16 and ask the Lord to help you to see your own part in His grand story, in building up the body of Christ, and that you would eagerly seek to serve others.

–  Joy.  Ask the Holy Spirit to bear in you the fruit of joy, especially as you see how HE has included YOU in the epic story of His redemption of this world.

Tim Rice, Lead Pastor & Director of Church Planting