Josh Floyd has resigned from his leadership role with Grace Community Church

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How do you typically respond when something doesn’t work out? Our reactions can range from getting angry to being discouraged. Or do you think in terms of blame?
Josh Floyd has resigned from his leadership role with our daughter church in North Lakeland, Grace Community Church. And this is a sad time for everyone involved, but there is no one to blame.
There has been no sin. There is no scandal or breaches of faith. Josh has simply come to his end in this very wearying role – in a very tough time.
What we know is that Josh has learned a lot about himself in the last few years. He now knows there are unavoidable aspects of leading a church that he does not enjoy. Josh has learned that being a solo pastor bearing the weight of leadership alone is not where he wants to be. And he has discovered that the responsibility to preach weekly is exhausting for him. Those roles are unavoidable for a church planter.
These are things that no one could have predicted. Josh had assessed very well in our denomination’s church planter assessment process in 2015. And with extensive ministry experience (Josh is in his 40’s) he had no inkling that these particular roles as a church planter would weigh on him so heavily.
As for the families of Grace Community, understandably they’re disappointed. And for the moment some are really hurting. We’re 12 months into COVID, and what has been tough for churches across all denominations, all across our country, has been crushing for church plants. The Grace Community families already felt tired from a hard year, but they love their community, and for now, their sense of mission is undaunted.
So many details are in mid-air, and for many questions so far, the most prevalent answer is, “We don’t know yet.”
Will Grace Community continue meeting? The families know that they want to at least continue worshipping through Easter. Then they will work together to decide what’s next. They don’t know if they will close, or if they will remain a core group (in search of another church planter to re-start later) or if they will become an independent church. They will decide. And Trinity’s leadership will respect their decision.
What about Josh and Liz Floyd? They don’t know much yet either. Remarkably, they trust Jesus about His calling for whatever is next. But Josh does not yet have another job, although he is not thinking of leaving ministry ultimately. He simply knows that being a church planter is not his calling.

Things to pray for: 

  • Gratitude. Give thanks to the Father for raising up Josh and Liz Floyd, and the work of the families in North Lakeland over the last several years. Give thanks for the people they’ve helped to lead to Christ, and the growth they have fostered.
  • The Floyd’s. Ask the Father to help Josh and Liz stabilize, recover and transition well. Pray for their joy and discernment for whatever role in ministry is next for them.
  • The families remaining from Grace Community. Ask the Lord to sustain them in their sense of grief and loss. Give thanks for their heart for ministry! And pray for the Spirit’s leading for them.
  • Wisdom. Ask Jesus to fill everyone involved with hope and perspective, even in hardship and disheartening circumstances. Pray for His work of hope to all of the Grace Community families because nothing is impossible for the LORD.