Seasons of Growth and Seasons of Change

Social Media - 2.2.18 - Seasons of Growth & ChangeLast weekend we spent an evening with our daughter and granddaughter churches, united in singing and in celebrating what God has done and continues to do by His spirit and through His people in Polk County. It was an amazing time of fellowship and worshipping together with one voice lifted to our Maker. It’s simply amazing to stop and consider how much has happened in two decades, and then ponder the work that lies ahead. Also, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the band had a blast, playing a full set of 9 songs as LOUD as we thought we could get away with.

This Sunday is going to be extra awesome as the next youth takeover is this week. The youth band has been feverishly preparing to lead you in worship and they sound great. Pray for them as they put finishing touches on preparations for the service, and thank the Lord for the willingness of our young people to serve their church family. Several of the band members are currently serving on worship teams at our church plants, and they’ve come back to play with the youth band where they got their start. These kids are such a gift.

The fall/winter 2017 season has been a time of change for our worship team at Trinity. We’ve had beloved members move away, and faithful volunteers of 15+ years step down to spend more time with their family. We’ve sent volunteers with church plants, and we’ve had members take time away to work on their own spiritual health and that of their families. All good things and God is at work in each of these stories. Our team, though comprised of only around 20 people, reflects all of the seasons of life spanning the sanctuary on a Sunday morning. A microcosm of the whole, but reflecting a mix of good and hard and beautiful stories being lived by every believer in our membership. And we need your prayer.

As a team we’re looking forward to Easter, when we celebrate Jesus’ victory once and for all over sin and death. We’re pouring over songs filled with the themes of Christ’s sacrifice, HIs love for us (even us) and His ultimate victory which is our guarantee. We’re arguing (er, discussing) about who should sing what and assigning band members parts. We’re contemplating how many parts Gene Palm can cover at once on Sundays when we’re short on personnel. And we’ll be adding to our playlist as we finalize song choices. As we move forward into Lent you will start to hear more of these songs and we will be sharing them, as usual, ahead of time on the church’s Spotify page so you can come ready to sing with us.

Please pray for our team, as we move into a new season. Pray for all of the members who come humbly each week to lend their talents leading us in song. Pray for their families. Pray for those you may not see, who are tending to the health of themselves and their families. Pray for those who need rest. And pray that the Lord calls new volunteers and awakens the hearts of musicians in our midst to serve our people by leading worship. It’s honestly the best gig around. We are so thankful for all of you. You are truly, a singing church. There is nothing like spending a Sunday morning together, hearing all of you open your hearts to your Maker in song.

(Always) Looking forward to Sunday,

Rachel Plating
Worship Creative Lead