How You Could Help with Our Kids and Students

Help Our Kids & SudentsLet’s talk stats. At Trinity, there are about 450 communing members and regular attenders. Then in addition there are 260 kids under 18 (that’s non-communing members and the children of regular attenders). This means that just over a third of the people of this church are under the age of 18, and it also means then that we need more volunteers than the average church.

The good news is that this significantly large number of children and students represents a bright future. A very dear older member told me that she was drawn to Trinity because of how young our church is. These kids ultimately are souls under our care. This is the rising generation. And Lord willing, as they come to faith in Jesus, in just a matter of years they will be helping to lead this church. To get that work accomplished we always, always need more volunteers to help with our children’s ministries and our student ministries.

You have to have noticed at worship, that when we break for all the younger kids to exit that about half the room leaves. This is one of the times when we need volunteers. So how can you enter into this work as part of His Kingdom?  You can hold babies during worship, be present with toddlers, assist a teacher during a kids’ class (think crowd control with all the animal crackers you can eat), or if you’re gifted and motivated, you could teach during a kids’ class.

What about the older students?  You can exercise gifts of hospitality by cooking meals during student ministry meetings on Wednesday nights. You could help lead small group discussions during student ministries, you can host or chaperone parties, and for the big prize in heaven – help chaperone a student ministries retreat!

If you’re a member, you’ve taken a vow (it’s the 4th one) “to support this church in its worship and work to the best of your ability.”  Well this is a nearly constant need. So if you’ve never considered helping with kids then let me encourage you to give it a try.

We want to take our cues from our Lord Jesus, God in human form. He welcomed children (when others in his time would’ve dismissed kids as irrelevant). He calls us to become as little children in our dependence upon Him. He calls us to help others learn. And the most attainable role you can play is that of friend. Kids simply need love – and filled with His Spirit, HE can empower you to love them as He has loved you. If you help already, THANK YOU!!  And if you haven’t yet had the chance to do so, would you please consider it? We always need the help …

Things to pray for:

–  Gratitude. Give thanks to Jesus for the wondrous gift of children – in our families and in our church family.

–  Vision. Ask the Father to help you to see the strategic investment of building into the lives of those coming up behind you. Pray for eyes to see this spiritual need and opportunity.

–  Wisdom. Pray for wisdom in what it takes to come alongside the many parents at Trinity in the work of raising up their children to know, trust, love and obey Jesus.

–  Love. Pray that the Holy Spirit would bear in your heart the fruit of His love. Ask Him to help you to show His love to those who are younger than you both within our church and beyond our 4 walls.

Tim Rice, Lead Pastor & Director of Church Planting