A Summer of Renewal - The Beauty of Rest

renewalWhy do we rest? From the beginning, we are given a pattern of the goodness of work, balanced with the goodness of rest. We are to work for 6 days and rest on the 7th, not simply to recuperate our energies, but as a pattern of dependence and worship. We rest on Sunday as an act of trust that we belong to the Lord, worship Him, and depend on Him. 

We also rest, as God did at Creation, to reflect on what has been done. On the 7th day, God looked at all He had created and He evaluates, He admires, He enjoys, and He calls it "very good." Similarly, we not only rest on Sunday but we reflect, we admire, we enjoy and praise God for all He has done. We rest in the Lord and are renewed by His Spirit. 

At Trinity we also rest from Community Groups in the Summer. It is an opportunity to be rested and refreshed from the hard work of leading, hosting and coordinating during the ministry year. It's also an opportunity to reflect on the year and rejoice in all God has done. 

With that in mind, what is your plan for Summer Renewal? How are you planning to rest? How will you seek for God to renew your soul in preparation for the Fall? 

A Few Suggestions: 

  • Community Bible Reading - Summer is a great time to start regularly reading scripture with family and friends. Nothing will serve you as effectively as regular time hearing and reflecting on God's Word in community.
3 Books to read: 
  • Far as the Curse is Found, by Michael Williams - This is one of the best books I've ever read on the story of Redemption and what we mean when we talk about God's "Covenant." 
  • Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ, by John Piper - This great little book focuses on enjoying the beauty of Jesus. With 13 short chapters, each followed by a prayer, this would make a great Summer Devotional to do with Family and Friends. 
  • Echoes of Eden, by Jerram Barrs - How should Christians engage with movies, TV, books, entertainment, culture...etc.? This encouraging book is so helpful in showing the beauty in the stories all around us that all point back to Eden.
Finally, Pray ...
  • Pray that God would use the Summer months to renew and refresh your soul.
  • Pray that God would allow you to bask in the joy and beauty of His Creation, and give glory and worship to Him for all He has made.
  • Pray for the hard work that continues through the Summer, including the ongoing renovations at Trinity.
  • Pray for the hearts of the Pastors and Ministry Leaders in our network, that they would be renewed and refreshed to minister to their churches.
Praying for you to enjoy a Summer of Rest and Renewal.