Committed to Financial Integrity

We are committed to being trustworthy in however we work. When we started Trinity 20 years ago we knew that one critical aspect of this would be how we handle all financial matters. As we did research and conducted interviews, we learned that for our primary audience – unchurched non-Christians – they did not trust churches to be transparent with money. So, we committed early that we would conduct all of our financial work with as much transparency as possible.

First, no one is ever alone with money – everything financial is handled by a team. Second, we’re committed to publish every aspect of our financial expenditures – which means that we show openly every dollar spent, including what every employee is paid. Many churches do not do this (they will “bundle” salaries or payroll into one line item and then only a very few people in the church’s leadership really know what anyone is paid).

Also, anyone that asks for it can have our most recent budget at any time. Along this line, we want you to participate in the process. Tomorrow (12/3), after worship, we have our annual Budget Q & A in the Fellowship Hall. Please join us to ask anything that concerns you. And if you are a member, please plan to attend our congregational meeting next Sunday (12/10) after worship, to approve our 2018 budget.

We believe that everything given to Trinity comes from the Lord and it is to Him that we will have to give an account. And as the Lord provides these resources through you – His people – we owe you an accounting as well out of respect and gratitude. It is our joy to do so. Third, as we seek to reach our city for Christ, doing our work with integrity just makes sense. Thank you for helping to make that possible.

Things to pray for:

  • Wisdom. Pray for our church leaders to wisely and faithfully carry out our ministry plans and the budget that makes it all possible.
  • Gratitude. Give thanks to the Lord for how He has provided for us so abundantly. Praise Him that He has given us everything we need – and more abundantly.
  • Integrity. Ask the Father to help all of us see His ownership of everything about us (not just Trinity but everything, everyone, everywhere). Ask Him to help you see the immeasurable blessings He has given us in Christ.
  • Humility. Ask Jesus to help you see how you have lived ignoring His ownership and provision. Ask Him to forgive you and help you trust Him and honor Him in all your work and with all your possessions.
  • Eagerness to share. Ask the Lord to help you be eager to share with others – and not just at Trinity. Pray that He would give you a heart to share in ministries by sharing financially, by volunteering and by seeking to be a blessing to others as Jesus has worked to bless you.

Tim Rice, Lead Pastor & Director of Church Planting