He Is Everything Good About Me


Dear Members & Attenders,

I remember vividly the lady who (along with my parents) helped lead me to Christ – Nellie Hatch. Her life had dramatically changed with her own conversion about a decade prior to mine. What stood out was how truly good she was. She was energetic (at 70 years of age, jumping rope daily), kind, warm, genuine, powerfully honest, profoundly wise, and above all things joyful!

And she was everything I wasn’t. Talking with me about Jesus (even through my dodges and denials) I couldn’t help but see the contrast. I yearned to be better than I was. Yet in my arrogance and pride I couldn’t stand the thought of admitting that I was wrong – about my life, my beliefs, about anything. But I knew that I was! Honestly, deep down I was full of misery and I knew that it was no one’s fault but my own.

But as Nellie shared with me about Jesus, I didn’t grasp just how totally Jesus works – to not only forgive us but also to transform us. I didn’t get how complete His Grace is. When she asked me about trusting in Jesus I replied that maybe she could believe, but I was too far gone. Maybe she was good enough to live the way a Christian should, but I never could live up to that standard.

Then she said something I’ve never forgotten. She said to me, “Jesus is everything good about me!” She explained that even the ability to trust Him comes as His gift (He is Author and Perfecter of our faith). Jesus doesn’t just work to cleanse us (which He totally does); He also works to completely remake us (which He will keep doing until He is done).

So are you trusting Jesus for all that He promises to do? And not just in you but in anyone who would trust Him as their God and Savior? We can readily hear promises of forgiveness - but do you believe His promises to transform, to resurrect, to re-create? Are you cynical about real change? Do you believe that He can change anyone? And is He everything good about you?

Things to pray for:

  • Give thanks to Jesus for how complete His work is to save people like us by His power and grace. Thank Him not only for working to forgive sinners like us but also for His power to transform anyone who trusts Him into His own likeness, starting now and perfected in eternity.
  • Who has made you yearn to be better? Give thanks for God’s work in other people to help lift your gaze for what could be. Ask Him to work in your heart the way He has in others.
  • has made you cynical or discouraged? Ask the Lord to give you hope. Reflect on His sovereign power at creation and His saving power by Jesus’ resurrection and ask Him to change what you could never change (and nothing is impossible for the LORD).
  • Read Galatians 5 and ask the Holy Spirit to bear His fruit in your life – His love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Tim Rice, Lead Pastor & Director of Church Planting
Trinity Presbyterian Church
301 N. Florida Avenue
Lakeland, FL 33801