Jesus Does the Impossible

Jesus Does the ImpossibleHave you ever thought something (an event, an outcome, a goal) was impossible? We humans live in the realm of our own experiences. And because our experiences are limited to our own singular life events and surroundings, there are many things that seem impossible to us.

For me, it might be say, running a marathon (I’m not the most athletic) or winning a Grammy. Or learning how to get up early in the morning and like it. We say those things are impossible, but I could train myself to run. I could set my alarm to get up early. The grammy thing might be tough but it still does actually happen for talented people who are connected in the pop culture realm.

So none of those things really escape the scope of the possible. But do you know what truly is impossible for a human being? Rising from the dead. It’s said that death is the “great equalizer,” and for all but one human ever to have lived, it was/is. But Jesus, the God-man did something wildly wonderful that weekend in Jerusalem.

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by being wrong about something or someone? Imagine how Jesus’s friends must have felt as they absorbed the shock and the grief of his brutal death. Imagine how their feeble minds could not comprehend that that very moment was NOT the end. They knew that death comes to all of mankind. How could they have been so naive to think that Jesus was unkillable? That things were on the upswing? They should have known it would end this way. Consider the grief and heartbreak in which they dwelt for those days following the crucifixion, and then, the inexpressible, boundless surprise as their sweet sisters barged into their place of hiding proclaiming that He was GONE! Not dead, but RISEN. He had done the impossible. He had beaten death, once for all, and for what? For love of you and me.

This weekend we get to celebrate what no other ideology or religion shares with us. The boundless, incredible hope in a Savior that is unkillable, and whose death provided a way for us to truly live, not in fear of condemnation we deserve, but in the light of His perfect life, lived for US, because He chose us and He loves us.

This Sunday morning we will have worship services at 8:30 and 10:15. If you see someone you haven’t seen before at Trinity, please move toward them and welcome them with open arms. Community Kids will be singing at the beginning of our 10:15 service.

We will be singing Once and For All together again this week, and this is our prayer for each one of you as we prepare out hearts to worship together in Spirit and in Truth this beautiful Easter Sunday: Once And For All by Lauren Daigle

We love you, dear friends.

Rachel Plating
Worship Creative Lead