The LORD is My Shepherd

January 8, 2017 Speaker: Tim Rice Series: The Good Shepherd

Passage: Psalm 23:1-6

Looking ahead to Sunday's sermon please read the Scripture Passage and consider these points.

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Intro: How can familiar words get stale or dull?

Why does it matter that the LORD is a shepherd? (And what is life like without a shepherd, according to Jesus?)


Why does it matter that He is MY shepherd?


What changes if the LORD is your shepherd? “I shall not want.”



  1. Worship the LORD, God Almighty for His faithful and gentle care. Praise Him, Father, Son and Holy Spirit for faithfully and lovingly watching over you and all your needs.
  2. Read Matthew 9:36. How are you living as if you’re harassed and helpless, like a sheep without a shepherd? Confess your unbelief to Jesus, asking Him to wash you and forgive you as your Savior and Shepherd.
  3. Give thanks to Jesus for the beauty of His work, that even though He is the Good Shepherd, that He became a lamb to be slain to save people like us. Thank Him for committing to be your God so that you could be His sheep.
  4. Who do you know that is vulnerable or harassed like a sheep with no shepherd? Pray for them asking the Lord to convey to them a sense of His Presence and grace.
  5. Ask the Spirit to bear in you the fruit of joy, especially if He is your Shepherd and that He meets all your needs so that you have no want. Pray that He would persuade you that in Christ you truly belong to Him and cannot be snatched from His hand.

Looking Back
The Facilitator is a study tool designed to help you engage with the weekly sermon through the five elements we incorporate in our Community Groups; Get Acquainted & Sharing, Sermon Study, Mission, Worship and Prayer. This tool will be made available Monday morning to give us the opportunity to look back at what we heard on Sunday.

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