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Join us Sundays for Education Hour, 8:45am & Corporate Worship, 10:15am.


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A city transformed: Loved by God the Father, saved by Jesus His Son, empowered by His Spirit, called by God to reach our city with His love.

Featured Sermon

Worship Folder Intro: How have pagans and believers through the centuries differed?   TRIBUTE TO MY COVENANT KING What is a tithe, and what does it sig... Read More

Featured Event

Friday, April 28, 6-8:30p at the Sandman home (833 Fairlington Drive). Questions or to RSVP contact Callie Sandman at callie@trinitylakeland.org.... Read More


We are looking for A/V volunteers. We need a few willing souls who are looking for a unique way to serve the church. Have you ever been interested in learning about sound and lighting equipment? We will train for each. Or are you already experienced and knowledgeable? The time commitment is Wednesday nights 7-8:30, Sunday mornings 7:30-9 ...Read More

Greed and materialism are part of the air we breathe in our culture and we need to talk about it. In our sermon series on The Seven Deadly Sins, this week is about greed. If talking about selfishness or money makes you nervous, you are in good company....Read More

A neighbor on our street radically pruned their oak tree, and its bare, cut-back state was a shock to my eyes, even as its vigor and size were undeniable. While my neighbor’s tree just looks different, it’s still the same essential tree ...Read More