Called By God

June 25, 2017 Speaker: Stan McMahan Series: Walking By Faith

Passage: Genesis 12:1–9

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Intro: What makes a call important or unimportant?


From Your Country

Why does God call us to leave the way of life that comes most naturally to us? How are we (like Abram) steeped in a culture that ignores God and tries to replace Him?



To The Land I Will Show You

Why does God call Abram to move with general directions but no details? What is the ultimate blessing that God is calling Abram (and us) to receive?



So That You Will Be A Blessing

For what purpose does God say He is blessing Abram? Why does receiving God’s blessing always lead to this kind of life?



You can pray with us . . .

  1. Worship God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, for His glory and strength. Praise Him for the power of His voice to call things that do not exist into existence!
  2. How have you lived ignoring God’s calling (as if what He says doesn’t matter) and trying to replace Him with created things? Ask God to forgive you and give you new life in Christ Jesus.
  3. Give thanks to Jesus for His work to fulfill the promises made to Abraham. Praise Him that through His life, death, and resurrection forgiveness and new life are given to all who believe.
  4. Who do you know that avoids God’s call in Scripture? Ask God to open their eyes to see the truth and goodness of God’s offer of a personal relationship with Him through Jesus.
  5. Ask the Holy Spirit to grow in you the freedom to live for the good of others. Pray that He would set your heart free from selfishness by helping you rejoice in the work of Christ for you (Gal. 3:13-14).

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