Sing Hallelujah!

November 27, 2016 Series: Advent 2016: Revelation

Passage: Revelation 19:1-6

Looking ahead to Sunday's sermon please read the Scripture Passage and consider these points.

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Praise the Lord for His Power!

Praise the Lord for His Salvation!


  1. Worship the LORD for his power and justice displayed by Him executing judgment over his enemies. Praise Him Father, Son and Holy Spirit for His truth, goodness and right rule.
  2. Confess to Jesus the ways in which you have lost your sense of awe and wonder at the Lord God Almighty. Confess ways in which we are so easily caught up in and thrown off course by the routine, the busy and the temporary things of this world.
  3. Give thanks to God for the salvation of sinners like you and me! Thank Him for rescuing us from the bondage of sin and death through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus (whose birth we celebrate during this Advent season).
  4. Who in your life does not know Jesus? Pray for God-ordained conversations to take place between the two of you in this season of Advent. We have the cure for the sickness of sin…and that cure is the gospel of Jesus Christ!
  5. Pray that the Holy Spirit would help draw you back to the throne room of God and we would be quick to sing Hallelujah or Praise the LORD loudly! Pray for boldness and for wisdom in finding the words to say in evangelizing to people whom the Lord has put in your life.

Looking Back

The Facilitator is a study tool designed to help you engage with the weekly sermon through the five elements we incorporate in our Community Groups; Get Acquainted & Sharing, Sermon Study, Mission, Worship and Prayer. This tool will be made available Monday morning to give us the opportunity to look back at what we heard on Sunday.

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