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Advent 2017 Preparation

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I’ve been waiting a year to say that. We are so excited to celebrate Advent 2017 with all of you. ...

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God's Word vs Human Reason

We’ve just now celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation with a core belief in Scriptural authority....

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Going Deep Into Philosophy - How Did We Get Here?

News headlines repeat almost daily the same themes ...

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Eager to Share as God Has Shared with Us

Last Friday I tried to explain how being Presbyterian helps us to live accountably....

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What Does Presbyterian Mean Anyway?

Have you ever felt uneasy when an organization (especially one with lots of resources or power) had most or all of its power concentrated in just one person? ...

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Luke Wolfe & Preparation for Ordination

While many of you know, some of you may not have heard that Luke Wolfe, our Director of Community Groups...

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Sharing Possessions & Respecting Neighbors From A Transformed Heart

Current headlines about tax cuts have triggered timeworn diatribes about what “should” be done....

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Campus Outreach & the Book of Romans

First, I have a wonderful announcement and then I have a request....

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Renew Polk Worship Service September 24

In 1996, Trinity was planted with the hope of becoming a church that would plant churches and those churches would plant churches and so on. ...

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Real Friendship Being Lived Out

Have you ever overheard someone complimenting your spouse or children? Just hearing someone speak about your loved ones can cause anxiety, but that can give way to immense relief or joy when you overhear good things being said....

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