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God's Work (even through sickness)

Some of you already know, but in case you don’t, our Student Ministry camp – Citizens Mission Camp – ended early due to illness. Citizens Mission Camp pulled together over 80 students from Trinity and our daughter churches. Part of their work was to serve 2 of our daughter churches by providing Vacation Bible School in Mulberry and Highland City. ...

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Engage in Worship

As Trinity’s Worship Director, It is my heart and ultimately, my job, to lead us in worship. Not just Sunday mornings, but throughout the week. ...

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How do you use your vocabulary?

How good is your vocabulary? As you mature, hopefully your word bank is filling. But regardless of how many words know, you use them to connect with other people! I want to suggest that learning songs is like building your vocabulary....

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What is missing?

Have you ever had cookies or cake that tasted a little off and you wondered, “Did they leave something out?” Most people have, so what are we leaving out?...

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Campus Outreach - Reaching the Next Generation ... Together

Most of us have learned the importance of a good partner. Whether it’s a partner on a project, a partner in a business venture or a partner in marriage, having the right support can make all the difference in both the enjoyment of the flight and the ability to arrive at the correct destination. ...

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How You Could Help with Our Kids and Students

Let’s talk stats. At Trinity, there are about 450 communing members and regular attenders. Then in addition there are 260 kids under 18 (that’s non-communing members and the children of regular attenders). This means that just over a third of the people of this church are under the age of 18, and it also means then that we need more volunteers than the average church....

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Amazing Access - Every Single Day

Last week at the Mayor’s Annual Prayer Breakfast the keynote speaker told of a rare invitation he had to not only attend an NBA game, but to sit courtside. He marveled at the sense of privilege, at the amazing food (not hotdogs), and at the sense of immersion in the game....

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Mining for Gold and Diamonds

I realize few if any in our congregation have ever been involved in mining. But I want to make a point that may seem absurd – until I make the connection I’m trying to make. In mining, notice that it is not creating a valuable mineral (gold, diamonds, copper, etc.). ...

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Pruning - And New Growth

“Pruning leads to new growth.” That’s what my horticulturist neighbor once told me (with vigor). In pruning, you cut away what may be weak or fruitless but “It allows a plant to fill out with what is healthy.” ...

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Walking where Jesus walked - my trip to Israel

Some of you may not know that for the 2 weeks prior to Easter, I was in Israel. It was the trip of a lifetime – with my son Tyler, my best friend Timo Strawbridge and about 20 other people from Trinity and our daughter churches....

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