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The Beautiful Exception

Who do you know that is suffering, or what have you endured?...

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It Shapes Us

I often say that, as a minority, I must know two stories of history....

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Graduation or Commencement?

“Why is graduation called commencement?” I remember learning that graduation sounds like a finish line, while commencement is a starting line. ...

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Walking the ridge line

While Florida is basically flat, still you may have traveled to hike in the mountains....

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An almost unknown state of mind

In this season of Christmas, I believe that an essential attitude or mindset is to be self-forgetful ...

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Give thanks to the LORD

“It is good to give thanks… to the LORD,” It’s noticeable in our culture that thanksgiving has gone horizontal....

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Trinity's strategy for outreach

I was asked recently, “Trinity is obviously growing, so what is your strategy for outreach?” And I believe the answer is three basic aspects of our culture. We want to know the Gospel. We believe we need the Gospel. And we seek to be related to people in our city who do not yet know Jesus....

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What is in your bottle?

Imagine a bottle about the size of your average water bottle in front of you, full of clear liquid. And you’re thirsty. So would you just pick it up and drink it? ...

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Hurricane Michael Relief Effort

In the wake of Hurricane Michael, residents on the panhandle are in dire need of aid. ...

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FAQ's about church planting

We are in the midst of a lot of church planting highlights. We just commissioned our 6th daughter church, Grace Community in North Lakeland. They will launch publicly in just a couple of weeks. A...

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